Focus On The Basics

Unsuccessful Weight Loss is Frustrating, Confusing and Devastating
Most People Succeed Initially and Then Experience Weight Regain AGAIN
AND YES, Many Need Medication or Surgery to Reach their Weight Loss Goals
THAT IS OK! Let our Interdisciplinary Team Support You with this Journey

Here Are The Basics To Get You ready

FOCUS Bariatrics

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To Any Person That Has Struggled to Lose Weight

We know with 100% certainty that Obesity is a disease that requires different plans for each person. It is well beyond just eat less and exercise more. That false and pervasive message has shamed and harmed too many people.

Mental Well Being, Diet, Exercise, Medications and Surgery are the staples of weight loss treatment, but many other life factors get in the way. We are a group of medical providers and staff committed to finding and helping you Implement Solutions of any kind that allow You to Lead a Good and Happy life.

We will make no decisions about the right course of treatment for your weight loss until there is a deep understanding of your life and needs. That will take some time and some money. BUT, YOU are worth it.

These are our values. We welcome you. Take the first step.

Your FOCUS Bariatrics Team